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Online Programmes 

Engage in real-time live lectures from anywhere, revisit the video lessons at anytime.

Programmes are delivered 100% online

Study with students from

around the globe

Attend the live lectures in real time

Save on accommodation

and visa costs


In partnership with University for the Creative Arts (UCA), we are pleased to announce that students now have the option to study postgraduate programmes 100% online so you can work towards your ultimate career goals without compromise! Studying an online programme provides the same fantastic opportunity to work alongside students from around the globe. With dedicated support and video calling, you can study at your own pace and manage your workflow! Studying online is a top choice for those with work commitments, families or those looking to save money on accommodation, commuting and visa costs!

Available Online Postgraduate Degrees

Our postgraduate online programmes give you a practical understanding of how theoretical concepts apply to real businesses. Receive an excellent education simply delivered online, to suit your needs and requirements. Our goal is your success - you will graduate with a globally recognised degree, with industry relevant skills, ready to succeed in the career path of your choice.

Enhancing your learning from anywhere, at anytime

How you learn:

Through the teaching model called Synthetic Hybrid Online Model, designed by Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis, Chief Academic Officer and Provost at BSBI, all programmes are delivered completely online. The model combines both live learning also known as “synchronous” and recorded lectures, also know as “asynchronous” learning, on a parallel educational route. 

Live Lectures: Real-time Learning 

  • Case studies: Bringing education to life
  • Multimedia: Delivering education in multiple formats
  • Interactive exercises: Embed learning by doing, engaging
  • Simulations: Experience real world scenarios to think on your feet and to prepare for success
  • Group activities: Enriched learning through shared experience and education

Recorded Lectures: Learning OnDemand

  • Pre-recorded video lectures*
  • Selected bibliography
  • Multimedia & educational videos
  • Collection of web resources
  • Didactic material, e-books, scientific papers
  • Presentations

*for every pre-recorded video lecture there will be a live online lecture in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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